Senses Fail Officially Announce Pure Noise Signing In Anticipation Of New Album



Senses Fail has officially confirmed that they have signed to Pure Noise Records. The band will be releasing a new album through the label in the summer of 2015. Check out all remaining dates of the Let It Enfold You Tour below.

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Sunday night slow jamz.

Not really slow.

Barbary sold out. Fuck it. See you guys in New York


New York is going to be wild!

Forever Came Calling — Home

We put up some leftover merch for cheap. Pick something up!

what's the smallest city you ever played?


A really small town in Illinois that a friend booked in his barn. It was freezing, it was awesome!

So, I preordered What Matters Most and I've been listening to the 2 singles on repeat. I used to have all your guys' stuff on my iPod but it got deleted and now I can't put it back, but anyways my real question is, will you guys be doing a headlining tour in support of the new album?


We are going to be out on the Pure Noise tour in the fall and then trying to support as much as possible. I’m sure someday we will be out on a headliner though;)

Practice practice practice

Jack and Coke
by Family Thief
from Forever Came Calling/ Family Thief


This is a great song. Listen.

Family Thief is bomb.

Any plans to come to the UK soon?


Hopefully soon!!!

Stars Wars also! any hopes that the new star wars will be good? If not, then i heard that fans will call J.J. Abrams, Jar Jar Binks.


It will be good!

What song of yours is the most fun to play at shows?


The new songs have been the most fun we’ve ever had playing music.

You guys should play your acoustic Front Porch Sunrise, hearing the crowd singing to that would be so legit. But transition into the normal version cause both are fucking fantastic.


Maybe if we did some acoustic shows….

What is your inspiration for your songs?


As cliched as it sounds….life, things that effect me, things that I’m trying to deal with. Sometimes you just have to let the pen flow and then piece it all together.

star wars or star trek?


Star Wars forever!!!!!!! What about you?

Where did you get the name Forever Came Calling?


I wrote a poem when I was 16 and we used it. If I could change it our name would be Ghettoblaster!!! Haha