Common Vision Tour Update

We’re about a week into the Common Vision tour and we’re starting to settle in and get used to the flow of things once again, learning all our tourmates names, etc. Things have been going great so far! It’s been an incredibly interesting experience both being in a band of very different style of most of the other bands on this tour, as well as being on a massive seven band tour. Honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way right now. The feeling of getting to play to an entirely new crowd and people who’ve never really had a chance to branch out into other types of music is fantastic! Sharing the stage with so many talented bands has also been great. In other news, our friend and merch guy, Drew “the sellout” Pledger, is joining the tour today and we’re so excited to have our little baby Drew back! Come say hi to him at the merch table and maybe pick up a shirt or two!

L8er NeRdZ



Today I leave to start another run with #forevercamecalling. Who am I seeing these next few weeks? Hope to see lots of friends on Saturday! (at Party In The USA 🎉🇺🇸)

Come say what’s up to everyone’s favorite merch lad! If you leave him a tip, he might do a trick!


Forever Came Calling. 
Orlando, FL.

Jennifer always kills it when we come to Orlando 


Forever came calling is the cutest.


Forever Came Calling - Front Porch Sunrise (x)


Forever Came Calling - Front Porch Sunrise (x)


Forever Came Calling
First press

On that out of 200 HYPE

My girlfriend and were coming back from Six Flags and we screamed the entire album at the top of our lungs on the drive back on the freeway and let me tell you it was the coolest moment I've had in a long time. She was never into you guys and I have had your CD in my car for a couple months and would just leave it on repeat and she got into you and it's so awesome to scream your album from start to finish and lose my voice with her. Thanks for being around and making the best jams. Just sharing.


That’s great & what we like to hear. Can’t wait to share the new jams with you all. 


Watch our new video for “The Loved Ones Who Hate Us” & Share it!

Thanks for all the love sent to us for Life Lessons! Don’t forget you can pick up the record and your local indie record stores, merchNOW or iTunes.

Thanks again & see you at Common Vision!

Watch the new video from our friends in Handguns!


Who is coming out to this & what jams do you want to hear?!

Who is ready to party? Get your tickets ASAP so you’re not left out! 


Who is coming out to this & what jams do you want to hear?!

Who is ready to party? Get your tickets ASAP so you’re not left out! 


Discounted tickets for This Is Hardcore Fest are available for a limited time. We play Saturday, July 26th! Check out the full lineup and take advantage of this opportunity. 

will you guys be playing at the show in tampa with handguns, being as an ocean, hundredth, etc.?



What's your favorite song off the new record?


all of them. haha

who would be on your dream tour? both to play with and to watch?


speaking for myself, Just glassjaw and us.


I hope you guys come back to vegas soon. The floor show you guys had at eagle aerie hall was amazing!


That was super fun. Vegas is too hot right now. we’ll be back in the fall when it cools down. haha