Is FCC the special guest for Common Vision Tour?


You’re hot damn right we are.

Forever Came Calling- Indebted

If you haven’t seen it already, this is our lyric video for the first single off our new album “What Matters Most”. We’ve honestly put every scrap of ourselves into this record and almost lost our minds making it, but we did it. And we couldn’t be prouder of the outcome. This album will have every aspect of Contender that we loved about it, intensified. We’re also exploring completely new territory with a lot of the tracks. We truly can’t tell you guys enough how much we want you to hear these songs. That being said, we’ve seen that Tumblr is quickly becoming one of the best new ways to find out about bands you might not have heard of or just haven’t had a chance to listen to. Honestly, one of the best way to show support for bands that you love is simply to share them with your friends! Bands like us, who are constantly touring, really count on that word of mouth to get even more kids out to our shows. If you guys could share this video or another song of ours with a friend on Tumblr, twitter, Facebook, in person, etc., we would be extremely appreciative of all the support! Thank you.


The American Scene Release “Royal Blue” Music Video



The American Scene will be releasing Haze on September 9th via Pure Noise Records. Pre-order it here and watch a music video for “Royal Blue” below after the jump.

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Forever Came Calling- Front Porch Sunrise

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So a common topic of discussion in the FCC van is what bands we would love to tour with, still together or broken up. As of late, we’ve taken to touring with some pretty different bands than ourselves and would love to keep heading in that direction. Here’s a list of some of the bands, aside from the obvious ones (Blink 182, Taking Back Sunday, New Found Glory, etc.), that you might not expect from us.

-Foo Fighters. Just to kick it with Dave Grohl.
-Bruce Springsteen. Gotta love the Boss. Plus old people love buying merch, and we love money!
-Letlive. To hang out with their merch guy Jesus and watch all the crazy shit they do on stage.
-Glassjaw. Because I’d like to watch John cry to “Who Do You Think You Are” every night. Plus their merch is always sick.
-Slipknot. Maybe we could make masks together or something. The crafting possibilities are endless!
-The Flatliners. Cavalcade was a hell of an album. Picked this one for personal stage diving purposes.
-Against Me!. The almighty champions of the clever, satirical, folky punk song and all around great musicians. We love their discography and have actually had the pleasure of playing with them already. Together, who knows what we could accomplish?!
-A Day To Remember. Fuck the haters, Common Courtesy rips. We still jam this band on the reg.
-Converge. Because I love this band and I think making old hardcore dudes listen to pop punk is hilarious.
-Dimmu Borgir. Because painting your face and wearing full suits of armor on stage is still cool in our book.
-Nelly. Idk. Joe just really likes Nelly.
-Coheed and Cambria. Sick riffs, blistering solos, catchy vocals, and we get to play to five thousand people a night? Yes please. Maybe our bands can play Magic together.
-KoRn. Because nu metal never died and I wanna play his bagpipes.
-Cruel Hand. For street cred.
-Bad Religion. How can you not want to tour with Bad Religion?
-Millionaires. They bring the party and we like that shit. We sent them an email asking if they want to tour with us. They must not have had a chance to get back to us yet.
-Journey. Little known secret, this band has songs that aren’t don’t stop believing and they’re all awesome.
-Black Label Society. Pinch squeals for dayzzzzzz
-Stray From the Path. Sick guitars and lyrics more punk than most punk bands. Love it.
-Iron Born. It’s our merch guy Drew’s band and he makes funny faces when he plays drums. Check them out at ironborn.bandcamp.com

Are there any bands you guys would like to see us tour with? Let us know!



Sunday morning jams ❤️😎🎶. #BeingAsAnOcean #InHeartsWake #ForeverCameCalling #ThisWildLife


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Getting a little pre-show magic in! #mtg #magicthegathering #forevercamecalling #wizardsdontdie

Common Vision Tour Update

We’re about a week into the Common Vision tour and we’re starting to settle in and get used to the flow of things once again, learning all our tourmates names, etc. Things have been going great so far! It’s been an incredibly interesting experience both being in a band of very different style of most of the other bands on this tour, as well as being on a massive seven band tour. Honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way right now. The feeling of getting to play to an entirely new crowd and people who’ve never really had a chance to branch out into other types of music is fantastic! Sharing the stage with so many talented bands has also been great. In other news, our friend and merch guy, Drew “the sellout” Pledger, is joining the tour today and we’re so excited to have our little baby Drew back! Come say hi to him at the merch table and maybe pick up a shirt or two!

L8er NeRdZ



Today I leave to start another run with #forevercamecalling. Who am I seeing these next few weeks? Hope to see lots of friends on Saturday! (at Party In The USA 🎉🇺🇸)

Come say what’s up to everyone’s favorite merch lad! If you leave him a tip, he might do a trick!


Forever Came Calling. 
Orlando, FL.

Jennifer always kills it when we come to Orlando 


Forever came calling is the cutest.


Forever Came Calling - Front Porch Sunrise (x)


Forever Came Calling - Front Porch Sunrise (x)